Services we provide:
Website development:
We can manage all website development stages, from requirement gathering to website maintenance and edification. Also we create all types of websites: representative, informative sites, social, entertaining, information portals, electronic commerce websites with commodities catalog, orders execution, electronic payments by SMS, banks and e-money services.
Search engine optimization (SEO):
Be visible and easily traceable! Only to have website is not enough. Often website doesn't fulfil expectations, because nobody knows about it. Most effective and cheapest advertisement for it is to be visible in search engines, like google, yahoo and others. We provide website optimization for search engines and we can help to increase your website visitors count.
Implementation and development of content management system (CMS):
Manage your website content by yourself, without programmers interference and additional fees. For that we will provide all necessary tools, implement content management system and adapt it according to your needs.
Website maintenance:
Internet technologies are always evolving, that's why it's necessary to react and to adapt to every change. Because of that, websites constantly needs to be modified, updated and improved. We provide website maintenance, administration and improvement services. According to clients needs, we can integrate new modules into existing website and tackle all kind of problems.
Competitive analysis:
Know your opponent, his strengths and weaknesses and use it accordingly! Competition on internet is very strong, that's why everyone wants to be superior than his opponent. It can be achieved due to competitive analysis. If you want we can fulfil that and suggest preeminent, more comfortable and practical solutions.
Web hosting
Website price depends on it's complexity on design and program levels. The more complex website is, the more time is required to create it. All parts of website are valued differently, that's why we can tell exact price of your website, only after we discuss it in details.
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